Privacy declaration

This privacy declaration of the Centrale Tandarts  Dienst, established at C. van Eesterenlaan 25, 1019 JK Amsterdam and registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 58781552. For the processing of your personal data by means of the website (hereafter` Website’) the Centrale Tandarts Dienst is the responsible entity as required by the Law Protecting Personal Data.

We respect and protect your privacy and find it important that you feel safe using our Website. For this reason we want to be completely open and transparent how use your personal data and the information concerning your health (hereafter ‘Personal Data’).

By registering on the Website and ticking the ‘agreed button’ you provide us with your permission to process your Personal Data in accordance with the Privacy Declaration.  We recommend you read the Privacy Declaration and keep a copy for your personal administration.

1 - Personal Data and aim of the use

We use Personal Data for several purposes. For example we use Personal Data if you make an appointment with a dentist you have selected on the Website or if you surf on the Website or if you contact us. It concerns the following data:

Appointment with dentist

In order to make an appointment in the agenda of a dentist you are required to submit the following data: first- and last name, date of birth, gender, nationality, relevant medical information (such as the use of blood thinners or other medicines), phone number, email address, existing or new patient and information on the reason of the appointment. These personal data are stored in your personal account.

These personal data are provided to your dentist with whom you have made an appointment. The dentist will only use this information for your appointment. For the use of your personal data the dentist is bound by the relevant laws and legislation amongst others the medical professional secrecy.

The Centrale Tandarts Dienst will only use your personal data for:

  • providing information requested by you or processing of information obtained from you, and respond to questions and/or complaints
  • to protect the Website and your personal account and prevent of fraud or abuse of the Website

Automatically generated data

On the Website we register and monitor the surfing, searching and click behaviour. These data are then used on an aggregated and anonymous level to analyse the general use of our Website with the aim to further improve our service and Website. The aggregated and anonymized data cannot be traced back to you.

2 - Provision of personal data to third parties

For the processing of personal data we can use the service of third parties. These third parties will act as a contractor. They are only allowed to process the personal for the Centrale Tandarts Dienst. We have an agreement with these contractors in which they are obliged to comply with all legal provisions and observe our Privacy policy.

We do not provide personal- or operational data to third parties, unless we are obliged by law or regulations.

3 - Security measures


For protection of your personal data we have taken appropriate technical and organisational measures. Your personal data are protected against loss or some form of unlawful processing. These security measures include the use of secure socket layer (SSL)/transport layer security  (TLS) and encryption.

4 - Right of examination, removal and questions

You always have the right to examine your personal data or request to modify these or have them removed. This can be done by either contact our customer service desk or sending an email to

The moment you terminate the agreement we will remove or anonymize your personal data as much as possible.

Should you have any questions concerning the privacy declaration, you can always contact us and send an email to

5 - Websites of third parties

The Website can contain hyperlinks to websites of third parties (for example dentist or care providers). We are not responsible for these websites and recommend you to carefully read the privacy declaration of these websites.

6 - Modifications

This privacy declaration can be modified. The modifications can be communicated by means of the Website or by email. We recommend you regularly read our Privacy Declaration. If you disagree with the modifications, you can terminate the agreement with the Centrale Tandarts Dienst. In case you continue to use the Website after the modification you are considered to have accepted to modifications.

7 - Information on cookies & similar technologies

What are cookies and similar technologies?

  1. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer, mobile telephone or other apparatus when you visit a website. The cookie enables the website provider to recognise you when you visit the website again. This can be used to authenticate you when you visit a new page without requiring you each time again to login, but also to monitor your movements during several separate visits to the Website.

    Pixel tags, web bugs, web storage and other similar files and technologies have similar function as cookies. The Centrale Tandarts Dienst uses the term “cookies” in this document to refer to cookies and all other similar technologies which collect data and information in a similar way.

  1. Cookies used by the Centrale Tandarts Dienst

I) First party cookies:

1. Session cookies: the Centrale Tandarts Dienst uses session cookies because these are technically necessary for the proper functioning of the service. These cookies are removed if you log out.

2. Permanent cookies: the Centrale Tandarts Dienst uses a cookie to store the language when the user returns to the Website. The Centrale Tandarts Dienst also uses a number of cookies for anonymous traffic analysis (for example the number of unique visits). These permanent cookies are not essential for the functioning of the Centrale Tandarts Dienst Website.

II) Third-Party cookies:

These are cookies which have been put on the Website by other websites other than the Centrale Tandarts Dienst (for example Facebook, Twitter). The Central Tandarts Dienst does not allow third-party cookies to its Website.

8 – Transfer of undertaking

As the Centrale Tandarts Dienst further develops it may occur in that one or more parts or assets of the company (among which the Website) is transferred to a third party. Should this occur the personal data contained there with will also be transferred to this third party. Should this occur, we will inform you about this by means of our Website. Should you disagree with this transfer, you can always terminate your agreement with the Centrale Tandarts Dienst.

Amsterdam, September 2016