General Conditions

These general conditions of the Centrale Tandarts Dienst BV, established at C. van Eesterenlaan 25, 1019 JK in Amsterdam, registered in the Chamber of Commerce under no. 58781552 (hereafter ‘Centrale Tandarts Dienst’).

The general conditions for the use of our service can be found on the website (hereafter ‘Website’).

By checking the ‘I agree with the general conditions’ during the registration process, you agree to these general conditions (including the Privacy Declaration) on this agreement. We recommend you to read these general conditions and Privacy Declaration well and save a copy for your administration.

We may modify the general conditions in the future. Should we change the general conditions we will inform you either via the Website or by sending you an email. If you do not agree with the changes, you may terminate this agreement and close your account. If you continue to use the Website after the modification you are deemed to have agreed to the modification.

You guarantee that you are older than 18 years and that all the information you provide, among others but not limited to, your name, contact details and other personal information are accurate and that you will only use this service for yourself. You are responsible for the information which you share with the Website.

You guarantee that you are competent to use our service and that you will accept the provisions from these general conditions and the applicable laws and regulations. By filling in your (persons) details on the Website, you authorise us to share these with the dentist you have selected.


The Centrale Tandarts Dienst offers a platform on which (i) patients can find and select a dentist, (ii) patients can make an appointment with a dentist selected by them, and (iii) patients are able to maintain records of their dental treatment history and radiographies in a secure environment and can share this information with their designated dentist. The Centrale Tandarts Dienst only has a facilitating role and is no party to the agreement between you and the dentist. The Centrale Tandarts Dienst cannot be held responsible for the contents of the agreement between you and the dentist and/or the treatment (or lack of treatments) of a dentist and/or if an appointment comes about with the dentist. The appointment between you and the dentist only comes about if and when the dentist has confirmed the appointment.

We will do our best to protect the Website and the underlying systems against loss and/or any form of unlawful use. We have taken appropriate technical and organisational measures, taking into consideration the latest developments in technology. We are however not responsible for any direct and/or indirect damages, which may arise through the unlawful use of our service and systems by third parties.

We have done our best to provide the best possible service and (contents of) the Website. All information on the Website concerning the dentist and/or treatments offered by the dentists is provided by the dentists themselves. In case of reviews these are provided by other users. The dentists and other users who place information on the Website are responsibly for the correctness and completeness of this information. We do not take any responsibility for the content of this information, nor for any other communication between you and the dentist. We can neither be held responsible for treatments nor negligence by the dentist, including but not limited to any malpractice contrary to any legal or contractual obligations.

We offer the Website and the information without any implicit or explicit guarantees or promises. In particular we cannot guarantee that:

•           the Website will work continuously, will be free of errors, technological faults, delays, disruptions  or viruses and that errors can be remedied;

•           third parties will not use the Website unlawfully;

•           appointment will be correctly, timely and completely incorporated in the agenda and the administration of the selected dentist;

•           there will be no errors in the administration, IT systems, computers, internet connections or other systems of the Centrale Tandarts Dienst or the dentist.

The services offered by the Centrale Tandarts Dienst do not include any medical advice online or by telephone. The service is limited to the publication of general information regarding the participating dentist and their agenda and the maintenance of online account for patients who wish to centrally store their dental appointment history and treatment records.

Responsibility of the dentist

The dentists who use the services of the Centrale Tandarts Dienst are entirely responsible for the information they provide to the Website, their own agenda management and their use of the services of the Centrale Tandarts Dienst.

Personal details:

By means of the Website we process personal data. By means of your account you can see which personal data we keep. We advise you to be very careful with the personal- and medical information you share with dentist. We ensure that the processing of the personal data complies with the Law protecting personal data.

The Privacy Declaration on the Website applies to the processing of the personal data and other confidential information on the Website as well as all confidential information which is transmitted by means of the Website. By opening an account you explicitly authorise the Centrale Tandarts Dienst to process your personal data in conformity with the Privacy Declaration.

Limited liability

We are only responsible for direct damage resulting from non-compliance with our obligations under this agreement. Under direct damages we mean those costs which you reasonably had to make to repair our shortcomings, so that our performance agrees with this agreement; as well as the reasonable costs for prevention or limitation of such damages and cost to determine the cause and scope of the damages.

Our total liability can never amount to more than Euro 50, - (fifty euro) by event, where a range of events is considered as one event.

Every liability for indirect damages, including but not limited to damages as result of the loss of turnover, income or profit has been excluded.

Moreover we are not responsible for damages which have been caused by third parties, which use our service.

Intellectual property rights

The intellectual property rights concerning the Website and the service, which includes copyrights of texts, images, software, the database and trading name and brand  rights (including the website domain name) rest solely with the Centrale Tandarts Dienst or its licensors with exception of the material which has been provided by users.

You are not authorized to copy, reproduce, distribute or send any content of the service, the Website, without prior written authorisation of the Centrale Tandarts Dienst. This also means that you are not permitted to re-use any part of the contents of the database as per the Database Law. Possible copies which you make of (part of) the Website, need to clearly state the copyrights and other (intellectual property) rights which can be seen on the originally (downloaded) material.

Duration of the agreement

The agreement is contracted for an indefinite period of time. You are at any time entitled to terminate the agreement by removing your account or by sending an e-mail to with a request to close your account.

The Centrale Tandarts Dienst is authorized to terminate this agreement and close your account (and remove your personal data) in case you do not comply with our General Conditions.

Applicable law:

Dutch law applies to this agreement. Parties will submit all disputes arising from this agreement to competent judge in Amsterdam.